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Computers have been widely used in the field of Science. In Biology for example computers are used to give abstract views of the bone structure and also the students base their…
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Computers and Science
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number 22 June Computers and Chemistry Computers are devices used in various fields for research, data collection and also problem solving. Computers have been widely used in the field of Science. In Biology for example computers are used to give abstract views of the bone structure and also the students base their research on library items found in the computers. Computers programming is also important in Sciences as programs may be created to produce output of the required result example Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is a programming software that may be used in Physics to change degrees to Fahrenheit. For this topic we will base our discussion on a computer program that is used for Chemistry solve a data collection.
7E Learning Model Based Computer-Assisted Teaching Materials on Precipitation Titrations use the quasi experimental design was used (Gay as cited by Kunduz 2013 787). The scenarios based on the 7E as based on real life chemical problems written by authors (786). The aim was to develop a computer assisted device which involved animations and laboratory academically computer software… used in unit ‘precipitationtitration’ (789). This is very helpful for students who find it difficult during titrations this study can help with the analysis of data, instrument and procedures and findings.
Didactic Analysis of the web acid-base titration simulations applied in pre-graduate chemistry. The acid base titrations accessible via the internet covered three part topics algorithm of titration course, course of titration curve and concentration calculation (Machkova 2013 837). This simulation was used for learning practice (837). The didactic analysis is used by teach about the curves for titration and the presentation of titration. This is helpful for people doing research on acid base titrations.
Computer study has proved to be useful in doing difficult technical work not as compared to traditional work whereby man was the problem solver. Since titrations prove to be difficult to students the 7E learning model may be useful to teachers who would rather explain using a research already done and in abstract view of the whole process of the research. Thus the students may know the expected results for the research also the 7E learning model contains questions before the result. The Didactic Analysis is also a good research model as it gives learners choice on which specific research they want

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The program should also be able to get results from the individual growth rate so as to be able to calculate the average growth rate of the total population. This will make it easier to calculate rather than always having to write the all the individual growth rate. The program should also be able to loop so that when it collects the individual growth rate of one individual it does not repeat it

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