Compare a Middle School Science Curriculum In a State of Your Choice to New York City - Essay Example

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This essay talks that in the USA, each State develops its own set of criteria for curriculum, and individual school districts adapt the over-riding criteria to best meet the needs of its students. In the States of Massachusetts and New York year 8 students are expected to do Science based courses…
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Compare a Middle School Science Curriculum In a State of Your Choice to New York City
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Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that the strengths of the curriculum of Benjamin N. Cardozo in New York State is the focus on students being able to describe variations within a category, and so encourages an outlook that goes beyond a dichotic black and white perspective, and students learn that a category can have wide variation within it, sometime to a greater degree than when compared with another category. Also, the emphasis on the stages of development within the human body, as well as within other biological systems, reinforces the concept of processes within systems, that first one thing must occur for another to occur, and the importance of time in the process. Cleveland incorporates factors that influence the health and development of humans as well as other creatures, which makes the material more relevant and applicable to the students’ everyday lives.
This article makes a conclusion that the weaknesses of each curriculum are quite similar. Firstly, there is a distinct lack of cross-cultural frames of reference, as students are not exposed to other approaches to experiencing and questioning the world besides that of empirical science, for example Native American frames of reference. This could encourage students to not accept and respect differences of interpretation, as well as inhibit understanding that different systems of thought are more applicable to particular circumstances. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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