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Name Professor Course Date Lab Report: Conservation of momentum Abstract The study’s intention entailed to ascertain and proof principles of linear conservation of momentum. Key apparatus used in this experiment included ballistic pendulum and plastic ball besides others that were essential in measuring as well as computing study’s obtained quantities…
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Conservation of momentum. (lab report)
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"Conservation of momentum. ( )"

Download file to see previous pages Conclusion gave information concerning the realization of the intended purpose of the entire experiment as per the relayed hypothesis, which is in the introduction section. Introduction Information or data obtained after the commencement of this experiment will be essential in determining the extent and effect of conservation laws. This was via utilizing effects of collision prior to and afterwards and encompassed measuring respective quantities of kinetic energies of the involved bodies. The apparatus used for this purpose was Ballistic pendulum and a ball propelled horizontally on a flat surface to hit a stationery pendulum at a certain velocity. Data taking was before and after collision, which were essential in drawing intended comparisons regarding momentum conservation. This is by taking Kinetic energies of the colliding body with that which is stationary to help in drawing conclusion regarding their respective conditions or states both before and after collision has taken place. Theoretical hypothesis in this experiment encompassed preservation of a moving body’s total momentum except in the case of interruption by an external force. Therefore, kinetic energy data obtained prior to and after collision entailed to affirm conservation principles of linear momentum. Essential equations that were in use for this experiment include, 1. Initial velocity: Vi = d/t 2. Initial kinetic energy: KEi =1/2mvi2 3. Initial Momentum: Pi =mvi 4. Final velocity: Vf =v2gR (1-Cos?) 5. Final Kinetic Energy: KEf = ?(M+m) vf2 6. Final Momentum: Pf = (m + M)vf Procedures 1. Initial step encompassed taking measurements of, Mass of the ball Mass of pendulum Pendulum’s radius starting from its pivotal point towards the mass’ center 2. Then the positioning or setting up of the photogate followed but after removal of pendulum from apparatus that was in front of the propelling launcher. 3. There was opening of convenient data collection tool in a computer whose role encompassed recording results for easy evaluation, comparison and computations. 4. Then loading of plastic ball into the ballistic pendulum took place. 5. In this step, it entailed measuring distance starting from outer edge of one photogate eye to the second photogate eye then followed by recording the data, which was the first trial. 6. The practical part of the experiment commenced with firing of ball via the photogate assembly and then taking the amount of time it took to go through the photogate for each trial. In addition, there was also taking of distance measurements separating photogate eyes for each trial because it they were subject to change after each propelling trial of the ball. 7. After the sixth step, the obtained data of time in seconds and distances in meters were essential in calculating respective velocities for each trial coupled with tabulating the data in the results’ tables. There was also the need of computing overall mean velocity for the ten trials as well as standard deviation for each propelling time of the ball. 8. The already obtained data (mean velocity) of the ten trials its purpose was to calculate initial kinetic energy and momentum with the aid of equations (2) and (3). 9. After the first experiment section, there was dissembling of photogate and mounting of pendulum in such a way it swung freely. This is by ensuring once ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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