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Value of scientific process - Term Paper Example

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Value of Scientific Process [Name] Physics [Date] Value of Scientific Process The scientific method serves as a guideline in the cognitive process of conducting experiments. It can be defined as a set of methodologies utilized by the scientific community to analyze different events by creating an appropriate frame to conduct scientific research and evaluate the data obtained to derive a conclusion (Johns, n.d)…
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Value of scientific process
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"Value of scientific process"

Download file to see previous pages After analyzing and observing the theory from an external perspective, the scientist can then formulate a hypothesis in an attempt to explain this phenomenon. In the process of formulating a hypothesis, the scientist must also predict a logical and reasonable conclusion for the theory he formulated. In the scientific method observation plays a role in the derivation of the theory and in analytical part of the experiment. The different observation by two different scientists should be comparable as humans have both subjective and qualitative senses which make them difficult for comparison. Observation also implements other parameters such as measurement. This is the comparison of a certain observation with a standard value (‘Introduction to the Scientific Method’, n.d). Human senses which are utilized during the observation process are subject to error. Instruments have been created to minimize the margin for error and as technology advances, so are the different instruments used. They also allow for the improvement of accuracy during observation. Observation at times comes into play when observation affects the actual experiment and causes a deviation in the final results. The results obtained are also influenced by many different factors. These factors are referred to as paradoxes. This occurs when a similar event illustrates different conclusions depending on the viewpoint of the scientist. Observations are also subject to biasness as the complex process by which human senses observe and perceive data is determined by internal neural mechanisms that are built up throughout our lives and to a certain extent, beyond our conscious control. The different types of biasness include, confirmation, which refers to a scientist observing only the expected outcome and not the actual results. Others are processing bias, which involves the processing of data before it is actually observed. This usually occurs in computer based experiments. Observational bias refers to the subjection of the observer to the ‘street light effect’, when scientists also observe places which they presume will provide them with results (Freedman, 2010). However, they could end up omitting or neglecting vital aspects of the experiment. Prediction refers to the act of foretelling the outcomes of a particular experiment. For this purpose, research is usually conducted for theories that possess logical outcomes. The prediction helps to provide a guideline for the experiment. However, this also has a negative side as, scientists’ mode of observation maybe biased. Predictions also help to establish the probable outcome using hypothetical values and a certain framework. When making predictions, they must be based on a scientific theory. A common example of formulating a good prediction can be witness in the work of J.J Thomson (Shuttleworth, 2009). Prior to completing an experiment and attaining results that coincided with his prediction, he would proceed to create another prediction on the next stage of the research. This would allow him to expand on his research and make new discoveries. Physics is largely involved with the prediction part of the scientific method. Theorists such as Albert Einstein utilized mathematical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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