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The assignment "Scientific Notation" states that the terms “scientific notation” initially appeared in use in the year 1961, as indicated by the Oxford English Dictionary. Due to the existence of numbers in expanded form as in the theoretically found constant values of the speed of light…
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The value is reduced to 3 x 108 in scientific notation where 8 is a power of 10 that signifies the count of zeros responsible for the number’s lengthy structure.
Why are solving equations important to know in everyday life?
Basically, equations consist of variables that are normally combined with constants to form a specific relation between quantities that possess individual meanings such as cost (in dollars), number of years, population, number of items, or even revenue. Variables may be dependent or independent but by solving a system of equations, these unknown variables may be determined. In everyday life, when equations are solved, one is able to find out exact solutions of two functions whose intersection could mean a break-even point or a point where one relation bears equal advantage to the other. Obtaining real solutions in a process is essential in fields such as physics, chemistry, and other sciences that apply equations inset. Read More
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Scientific Notation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 302 Words.
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