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Chemical equations, enthalpy changes and chemical equilibrium, acid, base and pH, and chemical reactions, chirality, simple organic functional groups and their reactions - Assignment Example

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It is also used as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. This molecule contains a chiral carbon atom.
Chiral atom is an atom (mostly carbon)…
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Chemical equations, enthalpy changes and chemical equilibrium, acid, base and pH, and chemical reactions, chirality, simple organic functional groups and their reactions
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"Chemical equations, enthalpy changes and chemical equilibrium, acid, base and pH, and chemical reactions, chirality, simple organic functional groups and their reactions"

Download file to see previous pages State which functional group(s) on Compound B could exhibit each of these interactions and describe the properties of each interaction. In your answer make it clear which complementary functional group would need to be present in the receptor for the interaction to occur.
From the description and given function of Compound A., it is easy to tell which compound it is since only amino acids and sugars are natural chiral molecules produced in both animals and plants and beyond that, we can tell that the compound is indeed Amino acid since amino acids not sugars are used to treat Parkinson’s Disease.
Ligand binding will mostly be either ionic or hydrogen bonds. However, at times, the intermolecular forces of the van der waals will be used to bind the copound to the target receptor. The carboxylic group will exhibit the hydrogen intermolecular bonds due to presence of the hydrogen molecule while the amino group will exhibit the ionic intermolecular bonds since they form the ions and could also use the van der waals at times.
Draw the product of this reaction, name the new functional group produced, state the type of reaction that has occurred, name any other products of the reaction and briefly explain how you arrived at your answer.
The presence of the double bond (C=C) in Compound C means that the molecule can exist in two different forms, identified by the prefix cis or trans, depending upon the arrangement of the functional groups and hydrogen atoms around the double bond. Draw the two possible forms of Compound C showing the positions of the functional group and hydrogen atoms. Assign each the appropriate prefix that would distinguish one from the other and briefly explain what these prefixes indicate.
Equal moles of nitric acid (HNO3) and formic acid (HCOOH) were each dissolved in equal volumes of water. State and explain which of the resulting solutions would have the higher pH. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Chemical Equations, Enthalpy Changes and Chemical Equilibrium, Acid, Assignment)
“Chemical Equations, Enthalpy Changes and Chemical Equilibrium, Acid, Assignment”, n.d.
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