Converting an Ordinary Number to Scientific Notation, Food and Drug Interactions - Assignment Example

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The paper "Converting an Ordinary Number to Scientific Notation, Food and Drug Interactions" highlights that the most important point to consider is the knowledge of the stages in which food may potentially interfere with drug work such as during the process of substance absorption…
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Converting an Ordinary Number to Scientific Notation, Food and Drug Interactions
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Extract of sample "Converting an Ordinary Number to Scientific Notation, Food and Drug Interactions"

Although the textbook lists the rules for converting an ordinary number to scientific notation, oftentimes remember such rules better if they put them into their own words. Your 11-year-old neighbor asks for help with her math homework. How would you explain to her how to convert the ordinary number 2421 to scientific notation?
In converting an ordinary number to scientific notation, I would ask my 11-year-old neighbour to recall the basic concept of place values. At this point, he or she would be reminded of the designation of each digit in 2421 according to place values where digit ‘1’ is in ones place whereas the ‘2’ beside it falls in the tens place the next ‘4’ and ‘2’ toward the left are each in hundreds and thousands of places, respectively. Then to come up with a scientific notation, the child must note first that the decimal point in that orderlies at the right side of the digit bearing the one's place and he or she should move it as many times as until the point reaches the spot between the two leftmost digits which, in this case, are 2 and 4. Consequently, that should make 2.421 then the child must be instructed that the number of times the decimal point is moved would be the power of ten that goes with 2.421. Since the point has been moved three times from right to left as indicated, therefore the scientific notation of 2421 ought to be 2.421 x 103 (Banfill).
(2) As a nutritionist, what do your clients need to know about potential food and drug interactions? Choose at least two important points to remember.
One point would be for the clients to keep track of the list of medications provided by the physician, noting that the more prescribed medicines or drugs are taken, the more likely that food and drug interactions would occur. Besides this and the risk factors that include age, gender, medical history, and body composition, a client must understand how drugs alone are acquired by the human body. Second point is to bear in mind that, like food, the drug is broken down into useful form through dissolution in the stomach and travels via the bloodstream upon absorption into sites where it needs to operate and perform its repairing action once it has obtained body response or signals.  Read More
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