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The good, the bad, and the ugly - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Subject: Date: The good, the bad, and the ugly Evil is the evaluation of different people or events by putting into consideration some ideals or standards. If the true God claims and know the right of what is bad or good, then everyone on earth should follow…
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The good, the bad, and the ugly
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Download file to see previous pages These evil things come in different ways, including, ethnicity, race, corruption, sex discrimination, drug abuse and even physical appearance. Occurrences of the wrong doing and evil things in To Kill a Mockingbird further maturity of Scout’s into a young woman. Representation of Evil according to Plato Plato must have had the love for art work since he talks about them often in his work. He was also perfect in literature style and story-telling; history has it that he was a poet before he met Socrates and became a philosopher. His influence on the western culture is enormous as shown in his work, and this includes Art work and its theories (Ife 30). He also provides a thought-experiment that is shown to teach human beings most of ideas on human nature, and this include our own. When Plato, through his character Glaucon, was discussing the definition of justice with the Socrates, they both try to give their best definitions (Ife 31). Socrates through his character Thrasymachus explains that justice is when the stronger in the society hold their interest, while the young Glaucon argues that more by questioning the commitment of human beings to justice. This story is portrayed as thought-experiment to human beings. ...
As a tradition, Gyges was working for the king as a shepherd, and one day there was a strong storm followed by continuous earthquake, which made an opening in the earth at the same spot where Gyges was grazing his flock (Stewart & Levy 198). He jumped into the opening, and to his surprise he saw a body which appeared more than human to him than a stature and it had a glittering gold ring on it. When the shepherds met together to send their monthly report to the king, he became invisible and the other began speaking of him feeling he was not present. Through his powers, he was chosen as a messenger who was being sent to the court, to try and manage to seduce the queen. Moreover he conspired against the king and took over the kingdom (Stewart & Levy 198). This story of the magic ring is important to human beings as it shows what we can do when we acquire power. If it is true that Plato’s allegory of the ring is right, then we should watch consciously when we get power over others. This mostly relates to politicians whom we give powers, with the expectation that they will do what is right to us (Stewart & Levy 198). Representation of evil in “To kill a mocking the bird” To kill a mocking bird explores human morality in the world, shows a perfect conversation in relation to evilness of human beings and inherent goodness. The novel approaches this by dramatizing Scout and Jem at their childhood age. They tend to believed that people are good on earth before they see evil, and transform at the adult stage when they have confronted evil (Bloom 95). In our world today we face numerous things in several forms, including racism, social inequality, discrimination of sex and even physical appearance. The occurrences of the bad and ugly in To kill a mocking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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