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Thoughts about Facebook - Essay Example

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Like many other social networks, it has managed to unite people in the world through turning the world into a small village. Facebook has also managed to tarnish the world through the information it conveys…
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Thoughts about Facebook
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Extract of sample "Thoughts about Facebook"

The Good and Bad Things about Facebook Facebook is a social network that has taken root in the current world. Like many other social networks, it has managed to unite people in the world through turning the world into a small village. Facebook has also managed to tarnish the world through the information it conveys to the people. In connection to this, the paper will expound on the good and bad things about Facebook.
Facebook is an implausible resource. This is as a result of everybody’s presence in Facebook. It provides lots of information regarding many occurrences in the world. For instance, it provides information about a given area; the practices as well as the people within that area. This is evidenced by how students use Facebook to learn more about an area that is unique to them. The main attraction of young generation to Facebook is its ability to sell out individuals photos to the world (Dowens 1). With Facebook, people including old persons post their pictures on their respective profiles enhancing identity.
Currently, communication is very easy. This is as a result of introduction of Facebook. This is evidenced by the diverse number of groups created and posted on Facebook. Communication to colleagues as well as specific persons in life is possible via Facebook. Additionally, Facebook enhances awareness through providing updates regarding nations and eminent people in the world (Dowens 1). It is the one that has enhanced many politicians such as President Obama to secure their jobs; it is used as a campaign platform.
There are also some bad things about Facebook. For instance, it is evident that there is too much noise in Facebook. This is evidenced by occasional and useless notifications from unknown persons. The acceptance of notifications as well as new friends result to problems such as people unknown to you chat and comment carelessly on your posts. With Facebook privacy is jeopardized. Facebook provides lots of information about its users. Privacy has been worsened by businesses and institutions that seek popularity through this network system (Dowens 1). It is also evident that most people are attacked because of the information they have provided in the network.
It is also evident that there are some dirty minds that take part in Facebook. This is evidenced by dirty pictures as well as posts posted on the site. Most of the parents might not find it interesting to see their children getting exposed to inappropriate pictures in the site. Some rumors spread via Facebook can be heartbreaking in addition to long lasting. For instance, some people post negative information about their enemies or friends. Such posts not only taint the pictures of the innocent, but also affect them psychologically.
Facebook is also good in time wasting. Majority of the people do use it as a way of exhausting time (Dowens 1). However, it is also evident that it affects the performance of children because it dictates them to spend a lot of time in it feeding themselves with gossips. Many accidents have also been as a result of Facebook. This is as a result of it having the potential to distract any person from important activities.
In conclusion, Facebook is a social platform that has managed to convert the whole world into a small village. It enhances the spread of information and unification of people. Facebook is also responsible for many bad things in the society. It spreads dirty information via photos and posts. It also hampers with individuals’ privacy in addition to enhancing wastage of time.
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Dowens, Michael. Facebook: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Information Space. (2012): Web. 20 Oct. 2014. < bad-and-the-ugly/>Read More
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Thoughts about Facebook Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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