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The Impact Of Facebook On Student Academic Performance - Essay Example

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Facebook has a lot of different options in regard to communication and entertainment that's why it becomes an integral part of students lives. The paper "The Impact Of Facebook On Student Academic Performance" discusses how student activity on Facebook affects their GPA or grades…
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The Impact Of Facebook On Student Academic Performance
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Extract of sample "The Impact Of Facebook On Student Academic Performance"

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There are a lot of other features on facebook too. A wide array of different games as well as applications can be found on it. Users can post external links on their as well as the friends profiles. They can play different interactive games, some of which may even involve interaction with other users from the site. The provision of different communication methods and entertainment keeps on expanding with time on this social networking site which then grows its user base and keeps them interested and intrigued enough to keep coming back.
These features make it obviously addictive or at least highly interesting for young people, especially students. Thus, making it an integral part of their school or college lives. However, does this excessive activity on Facebook have adverse effects on their academic performance? Does their activity on Facebook directly affect their GPA or grades? There are different opinions regarding this. It may differ with the exact usage of each person; some activities on Facebook may be more distracting than the others.
Facebook has become the largest social networking site globally, with over 901 million users being active on it; those who have logged in to Facebook in the month of March this year. For these users, facebook has become an integral routine everyday activity. (Facebook Newsroom, 2012). Facebook is extremely popular among the young student generation, with its vast popularity, it’s not very farfetched or fanciful to believe facebook activity has different adverse effects on students’ academic life too.
There have been a lot of different studies regarding facebook’s role as a tool for learning. One of the studies indicated that most of the students had joined facebook due to its association with the education of university level. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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