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Teach for America to Increase the Workforce and Adopt New Technology - Term Paper Example

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Running header: Teach for America to increase the workforce and adopt new technology Teach for America to increase the workforce and adopt new technology Introduction Teach for America is a national organization for exemplary college graduates, professionals and university graduates…
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Teach for America to Increase the Workforce and Adopt New Technology
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"Teach for America to Increase the Workforce and Adopt New Technology"

Download file to see previous pages It has recorded steady growth since it was founded. Currently, it has more than 5000 employees. Teach for America is looking to reach out to the low income community and promote education relentlessly. The organization has been expanding over the years and its operations are extending all over the United States. The organization is looking to increase its workforce in order to expand its operations all over the nation. This paper will focus on the systemic nature of the organization and how the increase in the workforce will improve the effectiveness of the organization, its processes and the productivity of the employees. Effects of the increase in the number of employees Teach for America is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide education opportunities to children in America, both in urban and rural areas regardless of the size of their parents and guardian’s income. The organization has formed partnerships with several charity organizations and depends on donations from companies and well wishers. The organizations appeals to alumni graduates and leaders to join and become mentors to young students pursuing academic greatness. The key stakeholders in the organization are the human asset business partners that ensure that the organizational goals are met. It ensures that teamwork is upheld in the organization (Strachan, 1996). ...
The management will have to come up with ways to fund the change since more funds are required to compensate the new employees. The deficit from the annual budget increase will also call for the injection of more funds in order to cater for the new projects. The organization aims at reaching out to more children from the rural areas. An increase in the number of poor students that the organization supports will have a divine funds straining effect on the organization. Increase in responsibility as funds remain constant leads to financial strains (Strachan, 1996). In order to cater for the financial requirements, the organization might be forced to lower on the employees’ compensation amount. This will ensure that whatever amount is available is equally distributed among the entire workforce. However, this will have a negative effect on the employees since it might kill their moral as they are going to be doing more work than they are being rewarded for. If the organization is to increase its workforce therefore, they will have to come up with better ways to raise funds (Hanson, 1999). An increase in the workforce will enhance the overall performance of the organization. It will enable the organization to reach out to a greater number of children in the rural areas and to motivate those already in schools. There are wide regions that need to be covered. The organization strives to ensure that education opportunities are provided to children and therefore the move to increase the workforce is parallel to the organization’s mission statement (Hanson, 1999). An increase in the workforce will also translate to a transformation in the way roles in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teach for America to Increase the Workforce and Adopt New Technology Term Paper.
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