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Generational Differences About the Use of Technology in the Workplace and What Public Managers Can Do About It - Research Paper Example

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Technology use in the workplace has affected nearly all the aspects of the business working life. Communication has been shortened, and people can reach…
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Generational Differences About the Use of Technology in the Workplace and What Public Managers Can Do About It
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What the introduction of new technology in workplaces seems to be offering are opportunities and a wide variety of services being offered. All things being offered by technology seems to be unified by a single factor; increased productivity and efficiency. On the hand, several companies have been quick to take advantage of technological advancement, adopt these technologies in their office premises, and tout improvements in their business performance that has been significant. With time, the physical office seems to be losing its importance and significance. Therefore, the employees are encouraged to embrace technology and telecommunicate from any locate that they prefer. With the workers physically isolated from each other, it is inevitable for them to suffer a blow in the interpersonal skills and workplace relationship deterioration.
With the media hypes on the subject of technology in the past few years, the revolution in business technology would transform slowly with the inventions of new office equipment’s. Those willing to adapt and keep pace with the flexibility and advancement in technological development have chances of surviving and prospering in business world as compared to other business that are not ready to use of technology in their offices (Smola and Sutton, p. 363).
In today’s world, business has taken unprecedented twist; it does not happen face-to-face, as many people would think. Instead, in today’s communication is fully depending on calls made from conferences and chains of emails that make it challenging for employees or any business person involved to know his or her partner. Unprecedented laments have also been heard among business people who have been dissatisfied with the advancement in technology in the workplace that has been adopted as the norm in business daily lives. With the increasing number of workers who are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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