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Public Managers: The issues and challenges facing Public Management - Essay Example

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This increases the demand for governance in which government public managers need to be equipped with tools they needed in a more efficient and effective public…
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Public Managers: The issues and challenges facing Public Management
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"Public Managers: The issues and challenges facing Public Management"

Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, what matters in public management is to clearly create an image consistently. Of course the image that must be created should be what the public viewed desirable. Desirable means what passes through the public standard and as set by the policy that the government has created.
As mentioned earlier, societies and economies become more interdependent. However, at present time, politics is already integrated in public service. This becomes a challenge for public managers knowing that the work of public administrators should be viewed in a way objective, businesslike and separate from politics (Denhardt and Denhardt, 2007, p.121). It cannot be denied that the public or many people cannot help but sometimes think that public managers’ actions or decisions are politically motivated. Some people have negative impressions on politics. This somehow influences the way of thinking for some people not to fully trust on the sincerity of public administrator’s or manager’s service for the people. It cannot be denied after all that some may believe that politically motivated actions are down to the defeatist level of thinking on politically motivated governance. This is a great challenge for public managers especially to those who are strong in their commitment for public service. It is easy to say that in order to gain public acceptance and trust, a service-oriented for managers is the most important thing that matters. However, it cannot be totally eliminated from others’ level of mentality to doubt the intention of their leaders in leading and serving people. For as long as there is a continuous integration between the societies and politics, there will always be those who also continue to associate service-oriented actions with politically-motivated actions. For public managers, the challenge is to convince people and be consistent in their moves. This is not easy and as the classic idea of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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