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Electronic communication and its impacts on the organizatio - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Date Electronic Communication and Its Impacts on the Organization Electronic Communication Electronic communication is a form of communication that was added to the Title III by the 1986 Act covering most forms of electronic communication, which currently exist…
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Electronic communication and its impacts on the organizatio
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, the paper will discuss issues related to electronic communication, by defining it, comparing it to traditional forms of communication, discussing its impact on the workplace, and its impact on the customer and organization relationship. The definition of the electronic communication excludes the wire and oral communication as it is defined in the Tile III, from communication tracking devices, paging devices, and electronic funds transfer information, which is stored by financial institutions in their communications system. Therefore, electronic communication is defined in different ways depending on the ways of information dissemination, the purpose of the information conveyed, and the information involved. In this case, the paper has provided an extensive definition of electronic communication, which has been derived from the State Acts concerning communication. Differences between Electronic Communication and the Traditional Communication One of the traditional forms of communication is face to face, and it is a most preferred form of commutation. The main difference between the electronic communication and this form of traditional communication relates to maintenance of personal connection. In this case, face-to-face communication facilitates maintenance of personal connection for the parties involved compared to communication via text messaging and emails. For example, people prefer holding a face-to-face meeting with the other members of the board instead of making a conference call for discussing same issues (Walther, Loh, and Granka 36). In fact, electronic communication denies the parties a chance to see each other’s facial impressions, which are highly pertinent aspects in the process of communication. The other difference between traditional communication and electronic communication relates to the way of interaction since each form determines whether the meeting will take place in a single location or through live interaction over the Internet by use of technology. Electronic communication involves technology that allow people to connect from multiple locations, thus creating the ability of getting together with colleagues, managers, and customers through a team building that facilitates achievement of organizational objectives. On the other hand, in traditional communication, a meeting can only be held in a certain location and the parties involved must be in the same location at a period for the meeting to take place. In addition, traditional communication involving the use of telephone allows verbal connection, providing non-verbal cues, which are based on the tone of the voice, pauses and variations. In electronic communication, there are tools such as Skype, which offer online phone connection that includes images and video, unlike the traditional communication. Impacts of E-Communication on the Work Place Communication Electronic communication has made a significant contribution to workplace collaboration, expansion of globalization and distribution of work team members during the twentieth century. This is essential for sharing of information and communication related to various projects through the Internet, email, social media and virtual team rooms, which are applied as the tools of electronic workplace collabo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Electronic Communication and Its Impacts on the Organizatio Research Paper.
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