Evaluate the role of the internet for a college student - Essay Example

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instructor Course Date Internet Internet is a worldwide system that connects computer networks through internet protocol suite (IP address) and serves millions of users globally.It is a global information infrastructural platform for various fields such as the government, businesses, learning institutions and many other fields…
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Evaluate the role of the internet for a college student
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"Evaluate the role of the internet for a college student"

Download file to see previous pages Internet has become increasingly essential to virtually everyone in the worldpeople try to become one global village.Internet has proved to be of a great significance to college peers and it has become a part of their daily lives. Internet assists students as they go on with their studies and researches. Due to the wide range of information present in the internet, it makes it easy for students to conduct research using internet libraries such as Proquest, Ebsco, and Emerald Insight among others. For instance, a student may have a task of doing a research on topic in which they cannot interact with the subject of research due to geographical or financial constraints. Professionals have concluded that, “Internet is a wide range of supporter by providing all contacts requirements and all types of information, searching facilities with its various digital tools” (Isman Web.). By visiting the internet, the student may gather vital information that will assist the student in the research about the topic. Due to rapid advances in technology, experts came up with an internet learning programs that enable an individual to learn at the place of their comfort.For instance, e-learning has made it possible for students across the world to learn through virtual classes. Internet is now a common and globally used medium of communication. This makes the students keep in touch with the significant partieswho are of substantial help to them. Incase a student has some query it is easier to contact someone who will help them sort out the issue at hand through the internet.For instance, the student may contact tutorsor friends who may help in solving an academically related issue.Communication platforms such as Skype, Facebook video calling, and Google+ among others have made it possible to video conference. Students can take advantage of such communication platforms to enhance their studies through collaboration with other students and education experts across the world. Certainly, “Internet has become such an integral part everywhere and a potent communication tool” (Kashif-Ur-Rehma et al 48).This is evident through social media whereby students are able to gather vital information from different parts and from different individuals around the world, which might be of great assistance to the student. Due to the purposes of relaxation, internet offers a wide range of services to facilitate the student as they relax after their studies. Internet games, music, videos, and other forms of entertainmentare widely available in the internet. Whereas such forms of entertainment can be potentially damaging, wise use of internet entertainment can be of great use to students. Games such as chess and scramble, helps the students in sharpening their brains. For instance playing chess, which is considered as the game for genius, may improve ability to focus and think critically.There are games such as crosswords or Sudoku, these games helps to the student to construct vocabularies thus making it easier for them to comprehend easily what they are taught. Whereas the world has increasingly become busy, parenting has become equally challenging. Students more often than not opt to use internet as solution finder to most of social and personal issues such as relationships. It is argued, “Teens may be too embarrassed to seek information on sex from parents” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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