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Abraham Lincoln once stated, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next”.When asked why they think attending school is essential ,students normally claim it is because college offers them career training which opens…
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Paraphrase the paper that i will upload
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Download file to see previous pages of knowledge on the world, enhance their social responsibility sense in addition to learning about the pragmatic and analytical skills required for the up and coming events they will encounter in the course of their lives.
College teaches one to respect in diversity; something that cannot be learned by studying books, also called experiential learning.Being surrounded by individuals from various countries results in new perspectives and issues,and assists widen the various types of experiences shared.In addition;it also welcomes stereotypes to rethink issues associated with race,ethnicity and politics.
College assists in obtaining wider knowledge of the broader world.It is only in college where courses associated with society,history and science are taken;lesons that according to Aydrey Osler are prerequisites for an individual to discover new interests or acquire fresh insights.Thus,for instance,studying social sciences provides individuals with a say in shaping their future,assists inunderstanding finance,plays a part in the health and wellness ,assisting in making society safer,improving the quality of education for future generations in addition to helping students in understanding democracy better. Students should be taught knowledge about democracy and democratic institutions and provided opportunities to practice democracy” (Osler 74).
Attending college assists in development of a sense of social responsibility. . “Contributing to a larger community involves recognizing and acting upon one’s responsibility for the general welfare of others in the larger community within and beyond the college campus” (Reason, Ryder, Kee 18).For instance, participating in college campaigns teaches team spirit, leadership and dedication. Thus, we require more socially responsible people in the current world capable of thinking about the community as well as other people’s welfare. People seem to think of society as an agency whose core function is resolution ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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