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Quality of Society and Leaders - Essay Example

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TO WHAT EXTENT DOES THE QUALITY OF SOCIETY DEPENDS UPON THE QUALITY OF ITS LEADER(S)? Author (Your (Your Date due 1.1 Introduction Quality and development of society mainly depends upon the interaction among human beings, intellectual and social environment…
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Quality of Society and Leaders
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Download file to see previous pages But, either these two are dependent on each other is a different concept than measurement. Therefore, this essay focuses on a phenomenon to identify that either quality of society is dependent on the quality of its leader, which is very minimal (Robert & Matsumiya, 2007, p. 10). 1.2 The quality of a society depends upon the quality of its leaders Quality cannot be quantified. There can be changes in the society. Research indicated that these changes arise due to the changing political conditions. There are many factors due which leaders are unable to affect the quality of society (Williamson, 2010, p. 555). Leaders are unable to affect the quality of society due to the following three reasons i.e.: society shapes the potential leaders society itself chooses a leader society itself determines the limit of change in its quality Society shapes the potential leaders Society influences the development of leaders and prevents them from affecting the quality of a society. It is the society who influences the individuals not the leaders. Societal environment, individual action and structure, all these work together (Bunge, 1997, p.420). They are the forms of one another. Leaders are included in these individual who lives in a society, therefore they are also influenced from the quality of society. But some leader who has stronger potential can resist the influence of society. This combination of influence from society and leaders is hard to resist. Whether a leader is strong or weak, but they are mainly shaped by the society. This means that society itself chooses and shapes a leader; this means it cannot gain a person with some differentiated skills. Therefore, societies cannot rely on these leaders to change its quality. Society itself chooses a leader Mainly society itself chooses a leader. Therefore it reduces the chances of getting a leader with some different and innovative qualities, it chooses a leader who have same qualities that of former. This is done through modern politics i.e. a leader is selected on the basis of elections. Societies mainly choose those leaders, which reflect their quality and are quite similar to it, rather than selecting such leaders who have different qualities as compared to the quality of a particular society. This phenomenon have not been promoted in this modern world, it was present late back in 16th century i.e. only those individuals were selected as a leader who had similarity with the quality of a society (Nietzsche, 1983). Even if a leader retires, he is replaced by a person who has similar qualities as that of former. This means it does not resist any change in the quality of leadership. For instance, in 1848, French Revolution people selected a new regime on the basis of volunteer, which was similar to the older one. This revolution did not lead to achievement of its goals (Marx, 1969). Removal of the regime indicated that there wasn’t a change in leadership but there was a change in the quality of society. In case if the quality of society do not change even after replacing a leader, it indicates that quality of society is not dependent on the quality of leaders. Society itself determines the limit of change in its quality In case if a leader with different quality is considered and selected for a society. It blocks the way of leaders to implement any change by allocating limits. Following a different virtue is difficult for the society and in case if it does not value that, it will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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