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The Epistemological Assumptions Schommer-Aikins and Hutters - Case Study Example

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This paper "The Epistemological Assumptions Schommer-Aikins and Hutter’s Study"  describes a survey that was designed to analyze people's belief about the certainty of knowledge as well as the manner and rate of their learning. The assumptions in Schommer-Aikins and Hutter’s study qualify as epistemological thinking as well…
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The Epistemological Assumptions Schommer-Aikins and Hutters Study
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Extract of sample "The Epistemological Assumptions Schommer-Aikins and Hutters"

Download file to see previous pages The authors, however, have made several philosophical assumptions even before the actual study began. These assumptions have bearing on the entire research because they guided the studies thesis, the method of investigation and the way the researchers interpreted the collected data.
Referring to previous works, Schommer-Aikins and Hutter embarked on several bouts of theorizing regarding the nature of knowledge and how people learn about issues that they face every day. Citing the body of literature, for example, on epistemological beliefs, the authors assumed that "individuals’ beliefs about the nature of knowledge and learning are linked to their comprehension, metal comprehension, interpretation of information, and persistence in working on difficult academic tasks" (p. 6). While this position is not uniquely theirs, they have engaged in a benign form of knowledge poaching, wherein they thought back to what others have done and identified useful parts and theories to support their philosophical assumptions. The enumerated works, which were only mentioned in passing, became the basis for the tacit assumption that beliefs about knowledge and learning affect thinking about issues and in specific situations.
The preliminary assumptions made went beyond synthesizing the concepts learned from prior literature and this where another of their philosophical assumptions emerged. A large part of the introductory paragraphs were devoted to a discussion on research on academic learning and students. The focus on education is pivotal in pushing forward the assumption that "higher-order thinking" is achieved through a higher level of education. It was implied, for instance, that epistemological sophistication is typical in college students on account of the rate and amount of complex and tentative information they receive in the academic instruction. Furthermore, Schommer-Aikins and Hutter talked a lot about real-world conditions, but their examples were very limited and quite specific to academic learning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Epistemological Assumptions Schommer-Aikins and Hutters Study Case.
(The Epistemological Assumptions Schommer-Aikins and Hutters Study Case)
The Epistemological Assumptions Schommer-Aikins and Hutters Study Case.
“The Epistemological Assumptions Schommer-Aikins and Hutters Study Case”.
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