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Sample : Diversity in Law. Enforcement: The Report Egidio A. Diodati Assumption CoJlege - Case Study Example

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Even if a workplace should be a conducive place for all the employees, things seem to be different in this organization. First, employees are not given equal treatment. The female workers…
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Sample Case: Diversity in Law. Enforcement: The Report Egidio A. Diodati Assumption CoJlege
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"Sample : Diversity in Law. Enforcement: The Report Egidio A. Diodati Assumption CoJlege"

Download file to see previous pages As a paramilitary body, this organization should be very much concerned about every stakeholder. However, this is not the case since it gives preferential treatment to some of them while obviously discriminating against others. In fact, it shocks to find out that the organization has been encouraging male dominance. The women are treated as under dogs. They are not given freedom and rights to choose whatever they feel like doing. This has definitely made life extremely difficult for them. The discrimination of the women is manifested right from the time of their recruitment in this organization. It does not stop there. It continues during the training process and promotions. Only men are favored while conducting all these activities.
Based on these facts, I would like to point out that the management of this organization need to be so serious. They should come out to ensure that no discrimination is tolerated in the organization. First, I would like to suggest that the short term remedy to this situation is to stop male dominance. No more male employees should be allowed to dominate over the women. On the other hand, I would like to suggest policy change as a long term solution to this problem. If the organization comes up with new regulations to guard cases of discrimination, no more such practices would be witnessed. Instead, the organization would become a place that provides equality and fairness to all the employees regardless of their diversities. The law should be strictly followed without leaving any chances. All employees need not to be discriminated in a workplace.
In conclusion, the discriminatory practices in this organization has actually jeopardized women employees and put them in a harm’s way. However, it is a very unfortunate thing that such an organization can relax its policies so as to create room for such unethical practices. It is so unfortunate to do so ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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