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John Wayne Gacy - Case Study Example

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This research will begin with the statement that John Wayne Gacy killed 32 people that were able to be identified. He was considered to be one of the most vicious and evil killers in US History. He was a successful businessman contributing to charity, and also did children’s parties as a clown…
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John Wayne Gacy
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Extract of sample "John Wayne Gacy"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer who is known for killing 33 boys and young men and burying them under the crawlspace in his home. Gacy was a charming, and interesting man, and he had status in his community as a businessman who also worked for the charity. Gacy also did children’s parties as Pogo, the clown. Gacy claimed that it was not he who committed these crimes, but someone named “Jack” which alluded to a split personality. Psychiatrists found no evidence of a split personality. Gacy confessed his crimes in 1978 after police found the boys bodies in the crawlspace. He spent 14 years in prison and was executed in 1994. The case of John Wayne Gacy follows many of the same patterns as other serial killers because he abducted a certain type of boy and brought them to his home. He would engage the boys in some type of playing and often wrestling, have sexual intercourse with them, and then kill them. Once he understood what he had done, he would bury them in the crawlspace and then go on living his “normal” life until he found another boy. Because he owned a construction company that employed teenagers and young men, he was able to have a steady flow of boys as he wanted. Gacy has been called the most vicious of the serial killers because he killed so many people before he was caught. This paper will present information about the crime scene, the victimology, investigation, forensic findings, the motive for his crimes and information about the trial. He was convicted of more murders than any other killer in American history. The crime scene has been described as gruesome and smelling like death. The crime scene did not become apparent to the police until the family of one of the boys, Robert Piest, was missing. Once he was missing, and it was known that Gacy was the last person to see Piest, the police began to watch him closely. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(John Wayne Gacy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
John Wayne Gacy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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John Wayne Gacy Murder Trial

...ent (Sullivan and Maiken, 2000). While growing up he was surrounded with violent behavior which might have led him to believe that it was a normal way of life. His childhood development and life experience made him develop violent tendencies which he maintained even in his adult life. For example, while entertaining hospitalized children he was dressing as a clown, which was his childhood symbol. It should also be noted that Gacy had suffered a head injury during childhood which might have caused abnormal behavior later in his life (Mendenhall, 1996). References Amirante, S and Broderick, D. (2011). John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster. Skyhorse Publishing. Kozenczak, J. (2003). The Chicago Killer: The Hunt for Serial Killer John Wayne...
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... John Wayne Gacy was an American who was convicted for murder and sexual assaults. Evidence indicated that between 1972 and 1978, he murdered and sexually assaulted at least 33 young men and teenage boys. Due to his serial killing he earned the tag “Killer Clown”. Also, evidence indicates that the defendant was living a double life; that of committing murders and that of engaging in political and charitable activities. Murder trials show that he was convicted of more murders than any other person in the American history. Based upon this historic murder trial, therefore, this paper will analyze the case and document and respond to a number of issues relating to the case (Mendenhall, 1996). Specific psychological characteristics and patterns...
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Their father Walter would teach Wayne (and his brothers Keith, Brent and Glen and their friends) hockey in his home’s backyard in a rink he had made. They nicknamed the rink ‘Wally Coliseum’ and here they would skate around bottles and cans, flip pucks over scattered hockey sticks to be capable of picking up the puck again while in full flight. He advised them to skate where the puck was heading and not where it had been. Wayne would go on to join a team of ten year olds at age six, and thereby starting a trend that more often saw Wayne always playing against those older than him. His first coach, Dick Martin, observed that Wayne played better than the 10 year olds did (Morrison, 1999).
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Biography of John Wayne Gacy Jr

... some them in an edge space underneath the floor of the house. In addition, he also hid the dead bodies in his property and in a nearby river. John Wayne Gacy lived two lives as a criminal and as a clown where he would extend his charitable services to fundraising events, Halloweens and political events. In reference to Tilstone, Savage and Clark (2006), John Wayne Gacy beguiled many young men into his home for homosexual relationships where he tied them and strangled them to death. According to studies, there are different factors that motivate people to be involved in deviant behaviours. Gacy murdered people for pleasure. His deviant behavior led to the desire for more pleasure and thrill and more murders. It goes without saying...
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... ambulances to look at catastrophes. Psychologists believe that such non-responsive nervous activity makes the criminals less sensitive to certain situations. Scientists say that in psychopaths the brain activity of the limbic region which contains memories and emotions has a slow response and this problem is magnified when the child is treated abusively as had been the case with Gacy. CONCLUSION The life of John Wayne Gacy and his own recollections that I studied speaks of his horrific past yet I do not think that he had spoken all truth. Gacy never owned up to the murders that he had committed even though at the time of his arrest he had confessed to the crime of killing 33 people...
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How Has John Wayne Gacy Become the Killer Clown

... of those who crossed the conventional line in order to gain a better understanding of those individuals in particular and the society in general. This paper will examine the case of John Wayne Gacy by providing an account of his life, the crimes that he committed as well as apply several theories that could explain his behavior. John Wayne Gacy – the Killer Clown When it comes to American serial killers the figure of Gacy really stands out: on the one hand, because of the scope of his killings; on the other hand, because of the fact that he matches stereotypical depiction of a serial killer. Thus, it was proven that he is responsible for killing at least 33 young men aged 14 to 21 with many of whom he had sexual intercourse. His nickname...
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