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The Biggest Reason for Trying to Follow Gods Word While on Earth - Research Proposal Example

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This paper will prove that man is born with his God-given conscience, and that while we don’t always choose to follow God’s word, it isn’t because he didn’t give us the necessary tools. Nature versus nurture is a centuries-old debate. People have long since questioned God…
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The Biggest Reason for Trying to Follow Gods Word While on Earth
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Extract of sample "The Biggest Reason for Trying to Follow Gods Word While on Earth"

Download file to see previous pages In Lois Walker’s “Religion Gives Meaning to Life,” Walker writes about a similar belief. It is her opinion that who we are is determined at the time of our births. She writes, “We are not the products of chance” (626). Walker’s essay is in response to an atheist who claims that people only need to practice being responsible to know the right thing to do. According to Walker, the atheist proclaimed, “We don’t need a big Daddy in the sky. We need to grow up and become our own parents” (624). While we do need to know how to govern ourselves, we do, also, need our Father in heaven. Walker states that she believes in the theistic philosophy that holds, “The universe is suffused in goodness and that good will win out over evil” (627). God’s purpose, according to Walker, is to give us a continuous reason to want to behave. If God can give his son for us, and his son dies for our sins, then surely we can “live deeply moral lives” (Walker, 627). We have gotten something from the sacrifices that our Fathers have made for us, so it is only fitting that we give something in return. God gave the life of his child. All we are generally asked to do is live ethical lives. Morality, according to Walker, is a wonderful thing. If we need the Bible and church to remind us of that, then so be it. The phrase, “You shall purge this evil from among you” comes up a lot in the Book of Deuteronomy. The church is also supposed to be a place to fellowship with like-minded Christians. Deuteronomy reminds Christians that it isn’t always enough to live right, but to surround ourselves with others who do the same. Our inbred moral code tells us that we shouldn’t go out and rob banks. Being a Christian means we don’t hang out with others who rob banks, either. Christians are expected to keep good company in an effort to eliminate some of the temptations we might otherwise face.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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