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This paper reveals the dark side of the creatures that lives beyond our seeing. How did they appear in this world and what should we do to avoid them? …
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Download file to see previous pages It has been said that the descriptions of Hell are only symbolic and they are not describing how Hell really is. This is an important question, and one that deserves attention. We must understand the form of language {genre} used when talking about any subject before we come to a conclusion as to what the Scripture means. One of the most commonly used arguments for the belief that these scriptures are simply symbolic is mainly pointed to the passages used in Revelation. It is said that Revelation is symbolic and therefore the suggestion is made that the descriptions of Hell are as well. This argument doesn’t go far once the Scriptures are studied in the context of the entire Bible, but for the sake of this part of the study, we will grant that argument somewhat valid for the book of Revelation even though it is not. But even with that, it doesn’t come to any conclusion in reference to the other books that talk about Hell within the Bible. Revelation isn’t the only book that talks about it. Let’s look at what some other Scriptures say about Hell, and then answer the question proposed at the beginning of this section… ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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