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Movie the Italian Job (2003) The Italian Job is the remake of the original 1969 movie. The movie was directed by F Gary Gary. The story was written by Donna Powers and Wayne Powers. Like the movie in 1969 this one is also based on that real story. The stars of the movie of 2003 are Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton Jason Statham, Seth Green, Mos Def, Donald Sutherland…
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Movie the Italian Job (2003)
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Download file to see previous pages The job was always successful without a drawback until one of the group member Steve (Edward Norton) gets greedy. He blows Bridger away, leaving the others for al fresco fish chow beneath an alpine lake. Only one person is more marked than Croker and that's the Bridger's daughter, safecracking specialist Stella (Charlize Theron). Still soggy, Croker and the lads return to LA where they enlist her services to take back the gold, and more importantly, stick it to Steve. According to Hamblin (2009), Charlie Crocker (Mark Wahlberg), and his group of thieves pulled off the crime of a lifetime by stealing a safe which was filled with gold bricks of thirty-five million dollars. But in this event, the thing that did not go according to his plan was the possibility of double cross by his own group members. And being cheated by his own group members his main aim was to take revenge of his mentor’s (Donald Sutherland) death. According to his review there are lots of similarities between the movies of 1969 and 2003. Both the characters Charlie Crocker and John Bridger are from the original movie of 1969. In a few cases the action scenes of this movie with three minis are same as the old one. There are similarities were in the moves used in the fights, such as traffic jams as well as in case of chases in a drain. (Hamblin, 2009, 290). The movie The Italian Job of 2003 is a smart funny movie with full of entertainment. Between the action scenes featuring wild boat rides through the canals of Venice, chase scenes involving the coolest little cars on wheels, and an intricately planned act of revenge lies a film filled with some great dialogue and smart acting by all the actors. According to Murray (nd), the movie starts off with a good and highly educated group of thieves pulling off the perfect heist, stealing huge amounts of gold from a strict guarded place in Venice. Till that point, everything was according to the plan, but one group pulls a double cross and therefore taking out John Bridger (Donald Sutherland), and brains behind the entire group, forced to split up the group vows revenge on traitor Steve (Edward Norton). According to him the movie, takes off on a riotous ride over and under Downtown Los Angeles. The most important point associated with this film that stand out from the standard heist film of 1969, is mainly the attractive choice of casting of the movie, to match the character with actor for even the most minor player. “The Italian Job” works because all of the actors are totally believable. According to the report published in BBC by Stella Papmichael, the main difference with this movie and the original movie is adds wallop lacking in the original version. In the new movie the revenge adds wallop which is occasionally destabilized by Mark Wahlberg's cosmic anti-presence. In this new version of the movie, Charlize Theron is the key behind driving this movie forward , taking the wheel with quiet confidence. According to Papmichael, It's just a shame the flirty cat-and-mouse game between Stella and Steve heads up a cul-de-sac to give way for Croker..The culminating 'big job', with a trio of Mini Coopers incongruously zipping through LA gridlock, has all the audacious mischief of its progenitor. The difference is you don't have to endure an hour of dull cockney banter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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