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Life Styles and Food Habits - Research Proposal Example

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Recent data deriving from across the world suggests that obesity, a major public health hazard, continues to be “highly prevalent” among all populations and especially in those from ethnic minorities, lower income and lesser education groups (Jensen et al, 2013, p.9)…
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Life Styles and Food Habits
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Extract of sample "Life Styles and Food Habits"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, in the modern day Canada, obesity has become a serious threat to the health of the citizens due to their changing lifestyles and food habits.
In the backdrop of the prevalence of obesity as a public health problem in Canada for the last three decades, there is an emerging need to devise appropriate intervention strategies “aimed at reducing” the problem across communities (Twells et al, 2014, p.E18). Currently, the issue has acquired alarming proportions as data reveals that 55.4% of Canadians are either “overweight (34.2%) or obese (21.2%)” (p.E22). Many studies identify sedentary lifestyle and food habits of the modern humans as the major causative element for a rampant prevalence of obesity and the researchers propose the promotion of “healthy lifestyles” and improvement of “healthy eating” as the main intervention strategies for containing the menace of obesity (p.E25). In this scenario, this study gains validity as it will enable a proper understanding of how the lifestyles and eating habits of Canadians are causing the spread of obesity in the country.
The scope of this research envisages the exploration of the role of sedentary lifestyles and eating habits of the Canadian people in contributing to the development of the problem of obesity in them. Some of the evidence evaluated during the course of this research has revealed that there is a dearth of investigations that explore the role of physical activity in causing obesity and the available data that connects “economic instruments” to physical activity is very “limited and indirect” (Faulkner et al, 2010, p.21). Therefore, it appears that there is much scope for the review of economic measures to encourage physical activities as an intervention strategy for the prevention of the onslaught of obesity. Similarly, food habits of the Canadians have been seen as another major contributing factor in the development of obesity and evidence suggests that the tax policies on unhealthy food items have only a “limited impact” on the level of obesity (p.19).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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