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Giving examples from everyday life, critically evaluate the concept of habitus - Essay Example

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Habitus Name Professor Course Date Introduction Each person has a specific routine and lifestyle that they follow and have become accustomed. The usual lifestyle of a person defines who they are in all aspects and how they take life each and every day. It becomes more of a ritual and one becomes more accustomed to it until it turns out a habit…
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Giving examples from everyday life, critically evaluate the concept of habitus
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Download file to see previous pages With each passing day, different social groups face particular values and expectation that make them view life in a different way that they did before. Through their activities and their everyday experiences, they come to acquire a certain set of the mind and they become structured to follow certain sensibilities and develop certain taste. When speaking about habitus, the specific aspects of the term habitus are the result of the act of representing something in the aspect of an abstraction as a physical thing. This is done in a social structure at the level of certain individual and personal subjectivity. When it comes to habitus, it can be seen and comprehended as a setting of the notions of good sense and having sound judgment that is present within other disciplines of social science research. Habitus is perhaps best understood when one looks at the relation to the notion of the habitus and field. One is able to see and relate to the similarity and also the liaison amid personage agents and the background surroundings when looking at this two (Bourdieu, 201, 1984). The term habitus was a concept that was introduced in the very early years and was introduced by Marcel Mauss, but was later elaborated by Pierre Bourdieu. When Pierre talks about the term, he describes it as something that is independent and is dependent of the history of man and also the aspect of human being’s memory (Flint, 45, 2000).  Looking at an example, a certain behavior, value or even a belief tends to become part of a society's structure and also their way of life when the original purpose and intent of that behavior, value or belief can no longer be retraced or recalled and this makes the behavior, value or belief to become something that is socialized into individuals of that culture (Garci?a-Rivera & ScirghI, 110, 2008). This means that there are many cultures, value and beliefs that are followed by many societies and social groups but their origins are unknown. One definition of habitus is that it is also those aspects of culture that are embodied in the body and also the daily practices of certain individuals, social groups, societies, and nations. Habitus includes the accruement of certain habits that have been learnt. This can also include bodily skills, tastes, styles and also other digressing knowledge that might be said to be a common occurrence or ritual for a specific group. Habitus is mainly comprised of durable systems, structured structures and dispositions that are transposable (Luke, 23, 2003). They are the principles that bring about the generation and the organization of practices and their representation. The term can be described as a theory of a community. Each and every community has its own theory about how certain things came to exist. Each community, group or society tries to justify its culture and its existence in a different way from the other, and they usually succeed (Wadsworth, 233, 2010). The term habitus can be used in sociology to teach different things. One good definition of habitus is that it can be seen in terms of culture, as the elements in which make up a certain place or thing to have meaning. One main example is taking a look at the football field. The football field is comprised of several things or aspects that make up the entire field to be called a football field (Webb, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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