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Personal Engagement with the Media - Essay Example

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The essay describes the importance of films in my own life and the lives of others that I am acquainted with. For quite some time, movies have remained an important component of mass media. Moreover, there are numerous genres of movies to satisfy the varying tastes of watcher…
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Personal Engagement with the Media
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Download file to see previous pages Initially, I used to watch movies as a family norm. they were for entertainment puposes only. However, I have grown to understand movies better and learnt that there is so much to more that I can gain. Sometimes, watching a movie leaves me inspired. Other times, a movie becomes a revealing moment that leaves me feeling overwhelmed. This self-reflection essay will focus on my personal engagement with the media. People watch movies for various reasons. However, they do it on their own volition. Movies play a critical role in peoples lives. Sometimes I may feel unmotivated. I just look for an inspirational movies and watch it. therefore, I personally engage with media and highly associate my emotions with the power of movies to entertain, inspire, mystify, amaze, arouse, and inform. Some movies are highly criticized by people. At times, I have heard people argue that certain genre of movies is boring. However, I am not easily influenced by people’s opinion about a movie. This is because I find myself enjoying almost every movie I watch. Moreover, I believe that every movie is made with a purpose. Sometimes, the purpose is easily understood. In other times you have to watch a movies several times to understand the message relayed. Moreover, movies play a great role in satisfying my emotional needs. Movies continue to play an important role. I think that most people, I included, watch movies because they want to feel something. There is something that movies offer that cannot be obtained from the real world. I was amazed when one of my friends who had lost his mother in a car accident invited me to his house.He blamed himself for the accident since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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