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Seeking Admission to Master Program in History of Science and Technology - Personal Statement Example

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The personal statement "Seeking Admission to Master Program in History of Science and Technology" presents the author's ideas. It says: nothing mesmerizes me than the diversity offered by studying any degree in History. In this case, the fascination I get from the encouragement…
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Seeking Admission to Master Program in History of Science and Technology
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Extract of sample "Seeking Admission to Master Program in History of Science and Technology"

I feel the future of the world is in Science and Technology. Hence, the more reason I would want to undertake this Masters program in History of Science and Technology in order to teach young people in school on the need for a country focusing on Science and Technology.
One factor I have learned in life is the need for discipline in every pursuit that I engage in. Perhaps this comes from my military background where I worked as a finance administrator with Singapore’s People Defence Force ultimately attained the rank of Sergeant in 2009. Moreover, my other engagements, albeit in a co-curricular role, have enabled me to gain focus in the direction that my career should take. These engagements in attending and organizing delegates meetings within outside the country have played a crucial role in my life of finding value in helping people and influencing lives. In addition, the undergraduate scholarship-teaching award presented to me by the Ministry of Education in Singapore gave me a clear indication that I was destined to become a teacher and impact lives.
They say that work without play makes Jack a dull boy. While my pursuit and my passion for becoming a teacher are self-evident, I have a passion for media work. For this reason, I choose to pursue a Diploma in Multi-Media technology with a major in Film Studies and Production. In fact, my high average GPA score of 3.24 in my final semester emphasizes my passion for every activity I focus on. Moreover, I have continued playing a part-time role by teaching camera handling and cinematography at a school I have helped organize.
It is in light of the above that I would request for a placing in your prestigious institution to study for my Master's Degree in History of Science and Technology. I am a well-rounded student with an interest in teaching, which I believe will help me achieve my long life goals. I am a dynamic student who is ready to take what life offers in both hands and to use it to my best of abilities. In all these, however, I have learned that education does not define us, we define ourselves, we decide which paths in life to take and with guidance from family and friends, we more often than not find that path that we are destined to take. For as Albert Einstein said, ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.’ It is my hope that in sharing my yesterday and today, I may be able to include my tomorrow with an institution as prestigious as yours. Read More
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(Seeking Admission to Master Program in History of Science and Technolo Personal Statement)
Seeking Admission to Master Program in History of Science and Technolo Personal Statement.
“Seeking Admission to Master Program in History of Science and Technolo Personal Statement”, n.d.
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