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Council of Graduate Students - Assignment Example

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This essay concerns the Council of Graduate Students which is a student group dedicated to helping and guiding the new students at the college. This group tends to differ from other groups dedicated to the same cause, it has retained a thoroughly secular approach towards serving the new students at the college…
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Council of Graduate Students
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Extract of sample "Council of Graduate Students"

of the of the Concerned English 9 June Council of Graduate Since I joined the college, I have been a member of the Council of Graduate Students, a student group dedicated to helping and guiding the new students at the college. Council for Graduate Students was constituted in 1995.
This group tends to differ from other groups dedicated to the same cause, in the sense that since its conception, it has retained a thoroughly secular approach towards serving the new students at the college, and is not affiliated to any religious, ethnic or political cause. The purpose of this group is to offer informed and authentic help and guidance to the new students joining the college. Since the time I became a member of this group, it has changed a lot. At first it activities were practically designed and envisaged, keeping only the American students in mind. However, with an immense rise in the number of foreign students joining the college, the norms and programs of this group have been altered, so as to make it viable for the foreign students to solicit its services.
The organizational structure of this group is flat. The governing body comprises of a five member panel elected through voting. This panel consists of senior students whose purpose is to advice and to guide the general members in their activities. There is no additional hierarchy amongst the general members. The group is egalitarian in its scope and all the members do have an important role in it. Each general member is expected to selflessly serve the new arrivals at the college and to acquaint them with the institution’s culture and values. In case of any ambiguity or doubt, the general members can approach any of the five members of the governing body to seek help and advice. Under special circumstances, the governing body may assign special roles and responsibilities to a select group of general members. However, such groups happen to be task oriented and usually temporary and membership of such a group does in no way makes any general member superior to other members.
As the membership of this group is open to all the college students and is voluntary in its scope and perspective, hence this group is very close knit, bound by the common altruistic aspirations to help, guide and inform the new arrivals at the college. No specific norms tend to govern the group activities. However, the group members are strictly expected to not to succumb to any racial, ethnic, religious, or political considerations while serving the new students. In case it is found that any member has gone contrary to such aspirations, strict action is immediately taken, which usually comprises of a strong warning. A repetitive breach of the group policy may invite a tough action like a suspension from the group membership.
There is no denying the fact that the council for graduate students not only ushers in a friendly and benign environment for the new students, but also helps the senior members gain a firsthand experience in public service, networking and management. Read More
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Council of Graduate Students Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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