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Technology and Engaged Learning for Dropout Prevention: Motivating At-Risk Students towards Graduation - Article Example

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This paper declares that May 2009, CNN reports that “nearly 6.2 million students in the United States between the ages of 16 and 24 in 2007 dropped out of high school, fueling what a report released Tuesday called “a persistent high school dropout crisis…
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Technology and Engaged Learning for Dropout Prevention: Motivating At-Risk Students towards Graduation
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It is true that high school is the minimum requirement to be able to get a job that has a promise of growth and future financial stability; especially in today’s competitive market where a college degree is preferred by most of the big and successful companies. If these high school dropouts are not given adequate job opportunities, they become more susceptible to joining gangs and engaging in criminal activities, which translates into more government funding spent on crime prevention and prisoner upkeep. As they engage in low-paying jobs and doing odd jobs, making do with what their qualifications can get them and earn a lot less than graduates, or even living on welfare, the country’s funds are being depleted. While high school and college graduates pay taxes, these taxes are then being used to sustain the country’s unemployed and the poor and homeless. Hence, high school dropouts are more at risk of becoming a burden to the state. In short, education, dubbed by Schargel, Thacker, and Bell as “the bedrock of our nation’s prosperity and freedom,” is key to addressing the most pressing issues of the country today as it translates to greater productivity, higher tax revenues and lower cost of public services. This is the main reason why the development of dropout prevention programs that will effectively increase graduation rates—with all fifty states actively engaging in increasing their schools’ high school graduation rates—is highly significant. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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