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The UK government's communication tactics/strategy 1997-2009 - Essay Example

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Out of all the national policies established by the British government, the writer has decided to focus on the education sector, with the focus being on higher education funding. In a study conducted by Paramewaran & Glowacka (1998), there is a need for higher education…
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The UK governments communication tactics/strategy 1997-2009
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Download file to see previous pages This writer feels that education is a fundamental and basic human need that is required in order for an individual to have the knowledge and skills that would contribute his/her society and the global community. If funding schools in the higher education sector is a problem, then it follows that the development of the nation will be put in jeopardy.
According to Jenkins (1995), the quality of higher education in the United Kingdom is questionable and in the past, it has received criticisms from all individuals from all groups. This includes the students themselves, the politicians, the taxpayers and the administrators of universities all over the country, all of whom are disappointed with the teaching system. Gibbs & Jenkins (1992) have explained that funding for the educational sector in the United Kingdom comes from the funding councils, all of whom are assigned to distribute block grants to academic institutions, depending on the number of students currently enrolled per institution.
Universities in the United Kingdom are predominantly state funded, with some areas such as Buckingham, having received its charter in 1983. Based on the concept of the quasi-market, the tuition of the students is budgeted by the higher education funding councils. The government intended that academic institutions would be able to receive funds that was equal to the number of students that were enrolled and an estimate of the unit cost of the tuition fees. Such a calculation was done at a disaggregated level, in such a way that allowance was made for inter-subject differences in unit costs. Despite the fact that universities were reimbursed only for the costs involved when it came to teaching a fixed number of students, academic institutions were provided the freedom to recruit as many students as they could and wanted to. Thus, the only income acquired by the university came from the act of allowing extra ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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