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Research Ethics - Essay Example

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This research paper examines the application of ethical research tenancies that is considered a universal practice which transcends all boundaries; geographically and culturally. Also, the essay bases on three important aspects…
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Research Ethics
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The paper tells that another characteristic of qualitative research manifested in this scenario is the involvement of the researcher in the subject matter as it is evident in the involvement of Alisha Shah in the research by observing gamblers gamble.
Subjective interpretation of results is another characteristic of qualitative research that manifests itself in this research scenario. From the first instance of observing the gamblers, she objectively analyzes the data and comes to the conclusion that gambling is a due to social factors as opposed to the need for more money. Objective analysis and interpretation of data is one of the requirements for a good research report and is encouraged as one of the important practices in research ethics. Further, qualitative research is richer in terms of results and takes more time to come up with tangible results. This is evident in the analysis of the fractured communities in order to conclude that one of the driving forces of the gambling addiction is socially related.
The characteristic of the detailed description of scenarios in qualitative research is also manifested in the use of open questions in the research tool. This is so because detailed description cannot be gotten from closed questions mostly associated with quantitative research. The decisions to allow the participants fill the questionnaires and mail them back confirms this aspect since in this case, it means the participants may give more details which can only be gotten if he/she is given the necessary time to answer and mail back. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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