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Was the Normandy Campaign the decisive event that sealed the fate of Hitler's Germany - Essay Example


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Was the Normandy Campaign the decisive event that sealed the fate of Hitler's Germany

No one can dispute that the Russians were shocked by Hitler's invasion and took a long time to organize a counter-offensive. But once the Soviet machinery ground into action, there was little that Hitler was able to do. His opportunity to take Russia lay in surprise and a strike attack (Davies, 203). When this finally failed at Stalingrad, the war for Germany turned dramatically. The loss of the Sixth Army and the incompetence that led to it, began to sour the German people on the Nazis. Morale dropped dramatically. The Western Front was a minor skirmish compared to the Eastern Front. Even if war in the West was resolved, it is very unlikely that Hitler would have been able to defeat the Soviets following Stalingrad.

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The newspaper article, at least, has the decency to list facts, instead of making things up. Does Mr. Freedman honestly think that the United States entered World War I just because of the Jews? The idea is simply too untrue to be believed, and I believe it would make anyone angry to read such a thing.
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The greatest racist in history Adolph Hitler did exactly thatHe incorporated racism within the cross section of the German mass against the Jews though various methods like using media to his benefit and through overwhelming oratory.
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No one can doubt that Normandy was an important beachhead. It permitted American, British, and Canadian soldiers to coordinate their approach to Germany and opened the door to Freedom for France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. …
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Was the Normandy Campaign the decisive event that sealed the fate of Hitlers Germany
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