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What are your reasons for returning to school this year - Personal Statement Example

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Fulfillment of dreams not only gives happiness in life but also helps people to live a respectful, confident and a dignified life. I believe that one should always do his best to achieve every personal goal in life, no matter what the circumstances are. …
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What are your reasons for returning to school this year
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Extract of sample "What are your reasons for returning to school this year"

My goals Fulfillment of dreams not only gives happiness in life but also helps people to live a respectful, confident and a dignified life. I believe that one should always do his best to achieve every personal goal in life, no matter what the circumstances are. This belief has motivated me to go back to school and make my dream of becoming a dental assistant a reality. I want to go back to school to achieve all my personal goals, which I had put on hold for a long time due to my family commitments. I got married and started the family at a very young age. I decided to keep my career goals aside to raise my children and to be there for my family whenever they needed me. My children have grown up now and are independent. This made me realize that it is the perfect time to achieve every goal that I had dreamt to achieve as a young girl. There are hundreds of beautiful reasons for me to go back to school. However, the most important reason is to find my own voice which was lost in the chaos of the family and social responsibilities. Going back to school will not only help me achieve my dream of getting a diploma, but will also help me to attain an important position in life by becoming financially independent. Moreover, by going back to school, I want to set a dynamic example for my daughter and make her feel proud of me. Children learn a lot from their parents. By achieving my academic goals and gaining financial independence, I will set a positive example for my daughter. By going back to school and getting a diploma, I will not only secure the future of my family but will also motivate my daughter to complete her school and become a responsible and independent citizen of the society. Moreover, the diploma will also open a path for me to become a dental assistant, which is the ultimate goal of my life. Hence, I want to go back to school to realize my long cherished dream and to become a responsible and dignified part of the society. Read More
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