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African American Women Returning to College - Research Paper Example

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The research is about African American women returning to college to pursue a higher education.There are many choices,challenges and triumphs that African American women face that reflects in the hurdles and stumbles …
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African American Women Returning to College
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Download file to see previous pages The research is about African American women returning to college to pursue a higher education. There are many choices, challenges and triumphs that African American women face that reflects in the hurdles and stumbles that are sometimes made during the plight of a higher education. The daughters of African women have a significant impact on academic struggle (Sealy-Ruiz 2007). Reentry is a source of encouragement for next generation and its impact is important to be studied. To study the impact of re entry on the social life and experiences of the black women was the purpose of the study to improve family statuses and relationships of the society. A more skilled labor would be readily available in the market, increasing empowerment through educational availability. This one element will help break down the chains of oppression and discrimination of black women in society. The black women feel that this is their road to success and only education can free them and their generations to come from the oppressions of the society (Sealy-Ruiz 2007). The questions posed during the study were what is the impact of black women entry into the educational system? What is the impact of it on their lives and future generations to come? Literature Review Many well-known names such as Mary Jane Patterson and Anna Julia Cooper were discussed as a reference to the topic to depict previous incidents. Then the era of the late nineteen century has been discussed throwing light on the developments that were made for the education of black women. The black women go through a lot of challenges and difficulties in order to gain education. They are strong willed and courageous as they tend to manage their families along with completing their academic qualification. This motivation and dedication leads to improvement in the whole society and changes lives on a larger scale for generations. With the changing times, the population of black women and their motivation towards attaining education is increasing remarkably (Sealy-Ruiz 2007). The relationship between the black women opting for reentry in an academic institution is the only last hope in their life. Education seemed to bring along with it respect and progress in the society. Most of the dropouts from schools in the early years had various social reasons such as early pregnancies negligence from home, divorced parents, complicated relationships. Employment is an option available only after gaining the appropriate education leads to less unemployed females in the society. The additional burden of managing the system at home and studying in the classroom are both defined as challenging tasks and conflicts arise mainly due to the collusion of these two social systems (Sealy-Ruiz 2007). Methodology The purpose of this research was to get an insight and understanding on why African American women return to college. Exploring the different life experiences, which led Black women to return to college and become educated and economically structured in society. Qualitative and quantitative methods are employed in a cross sectional research design. The research design helped in identifying the part of the population that .was black. Qualitative research was highly important considering the nature of the techniques used during the research. The unit of analysis used for the research was six black wornen who had experiences similar to numerous black women in their struggle for education and the sample is highly appropriate as experiences ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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