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However, the ideas of intersectionality predated 1989 and originated both within and beyond America (Hankivsky 2). As intersectionality has become more popular, black…
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African american politic of social change
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Download file to see previous pages These factors include race and ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, class, age, migration status and disability or ability.
Put simply, any inequality is never the product of a single, isolated factor. Rather it is the result of the intersections of various social factors, experiences, and power relations. This paper analyzes how two figures, namely Ida B. Wells and Amy Marcus, understood and utilized intersectionality as a lens through which to analyze events and as a political tool in the pursuit of the broader goals of their respective movements. The analysis is undertaken in the historical settings of their efforts. In addition, their specific events, writings, and actions are assessed as a way of conducting the analysis.
Ida Bell Wells was an African-American woman who lived between July 1862and March 1931. In their career life, Wells worked as a journalist, a newspaper editor, a suffragist, a sociologist and as an initial leader in the civil rights movement. As a journalist, Wells documented the lynching of blacks in the United States (Bressey 1). They demonstrated that it was a way of controlling blacks who displayed opposition to whites in any sphere of life. The lynching was usually done on the pretext of rape charges (Logan 50). Being an active leader of the civil rights movement, Wells established many leading womens organizations across the United States. These included the National Association of Colored Women which Wells founded in 1896 and the Women’s Era Club. The latter became the first civic organization for black women. Moreover, Wells co-founded the National Afro-American Council. Wells was endowed with public speaking skills and spoke at several international civil rights events.
The African-American Civil Rights Movement comprised several social movements across the United States. The goal of the movement was two-fold: first, the movement sought to bring to and end ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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