Undergraduate College Common Application for Transfering - Admission/Application Essay Example

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International business is one of the main driving forces behind the molding face of today’s world. For me, a graduate business degree is the first step towards an entrepreneurial position in a fascinating organization with global working circle…
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Undergraduate College Common Application for Transfering
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Undergraduate College Common Application for Transferring International business is one of the main driving forces behind the molding face of today’s world. For me, a graduate business degree is the first step towards an entrepreneurial position in a fascinating organization with global working circle. Interacting with multiple cultures for mutual benefits, while accepting the challenges associated with this process has always been a source of fascination for me. Graduation degree in business studies will increase the chances of my career success with the passage of time and will also prepare me with knowledge and skills required to run businesses which fits my goals. I will be able to gain knowledge and build network with other people, which will be useful to me in the future when I run a company because after I graduate from this university, I am planning to expand my family companies into international businesses. That is mainly the reason why I chose Business Administration as my major. After completing graduation, I will have the chance of focusing on a particular field of work, because I’ll be ‘specialized’ to do this work. Keeping in view my aims and the level of competence that I intend to achieve, I believe that Abc University is one of the institutions which can provide me with ample opportunities for the fulfillment of my aims. The world has turned into a global village and it is for this reason that I believe that the cultural richness present at Abc University due to the presence of students from diverse cultures, will greatly enhance my understanding of the people and circumstances of different parts of the world. The ethnic diversity present at Abc University will help me develop productive relationships with people from different part of the world, and this will definitely be fruitful for me in the coming future. My communication skills in English, Indonesian and Chinese will help me in integrating the diverse environment of today’s educational and business field. My friendly nature and positive thoughts make me distinct. I have passionate interest in music and playing guitar. I like to get involved in extracurricular activities such as joining the International Student Volunteers club in De Anza College. I actively go to church every Sunday because I am a devoted Christian. I enjoy reading non-fiction books. I'm good at business, English, and economics, but bad with subjects that needs a lot of calculations. However I'm quite good in subjects that have to do with memorizing. I was never held back in my academic career. Enrolling in the program for Business Administration would not only help me to understand business properly but would also help me to implement the strategies that I learn from this university in my family business for fruitful outcomes. It can help me to strive towards success in the future and can help me to fulfill my professional needs. I think that if I am able to get hold of a graduate I can bring a change in my family business. With the skills and interest in the field of business I think I can do better and make the business arena better. The graduation degree would also help me to study further in life so that I can grasp more knowledge and implement it. If I am given the right opportunity to study for a graduation degree in business administration I think that I can polish my skills and improve the performance of my family businesses. With a perfect environment like that of Abc University I think I can be able to grasp knowledge and similarly work on this knowledge to achieve success. Read More
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