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Commom Application - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Learning accounts for an all-round development of an individual, equipping one with knowledge and skills at the same time. In other words, education is not limited to specific aspects of personal growth and…
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Commom Application
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Extract of sample "Commom Application"

Transfer Pursuing education is fundamental in personal growth and development. Learning accounts for an all-round development of an individual, equipping one with knowledge and skills at the same time. In other words, education is not limited to specific aspects of personal growth and development, but rather encompasses diverse and dynamic aspects that constitute the wholesomeness of an individual. To achieve and exploit one’s full potential, it is important that one pursues education the most comfortable environment in terms of the preferred institution.
Personally, education equips me with life skills and concepts that build my competitiveness in every aspect of my life. Being a Kuwaiti citizen, my encounters in the United States constitute a life experience. The education system in the United States is designed to suit individual needs in education relative to goals and objectives set to be achieved in that line. This does not mean that other education systems in the world are inferior or irrelevant, but that the American system is outstanding.
My transfer to the university is informed by objectives and interests in life. To start with, being in a cultural diverse society has enhanced my interrelation with the rest of the world. This is a scenario that the university promotes. In my education pursuit, building an education portfolio that is deeply rooted in my personal interests is essential. My objectives are informed by educational success, meaning that succeeding in my education program is vital. To realize this, it is necessary that I pursue my education in the most appropriate university that suits my interests. This is basically the principle that informs my need to transfer.
By transferring to the university, I hope to exploit my full potential to build a long term career that is deeply rooted in global diversity. This means that I hope to realize global competitiveness in my field of study. My personality is highly guided by challenging across all levels of human life. In this regard, I understand that the transfer might pose significant challenges to me as an individual. However, I plan to realize opportunities from the challenges I face, a concept that works best with my interests in both education and life in general.
The most important point to note is that there is no single education institution that enrolls students for failure. Understanding this implies that educational success can be realized in any education system that complies with all the requirements of the education system. However, due to individual preferences in terms of education environments, the choice of the institution to attend becomes critical. In this respect, my transfer to a different university is informed by the need for comfort in pursuit education. The comfort referred to in this case encompasses curriculum design, programs offered, student requirements, extracurricular activities, and other complementary services provided in an institution. It is my hope that through this transfer I will grow and develop to an icon that envisions the true picture of the university I will transfer to. Read More
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(Commom Application Admission/ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Commom Application Admission/ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Commom Application Admission/ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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