The Expected Benefits of an Overseas TDY Assignment - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The essay “The Expected Benefits of an Overseas TDY Assignment” presents the experience of a Hispanic specialist from an American passport agency who could be useful for national security - in the emergency cases requiring personal identification - while working abroad in the named position.  …
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The Expected Benefits of an Overseas TDY Assignment
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The expected benefits of an overseas TDY assignment to himself or herself and to his or her Passport Agency For the last x years, I have been attached to the Houston Passport Agency in Texas working as a Passport Specialist (GS-11) with special clearance. In addition to managing the many facets of the passport applications process under the provisions of the immigration and nationality laws, the role also requires that I work in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and Department of State regulations. With the experience gained with this agency, I would like to volunteer to be considered for a position overseas in order to expand my range of skills and also to showcase my diversity.

Growing up in the United States has given me a chance to experience the plethora of cultures that makes this land a true melting pot. While every American speaks a common language, my hispanic background and the fact that I speak fluent spanish has also exposed me to different sub-cultures which I enjoy and find fascinating. This is apparent in my everyday dealings at the agency where it is crucial for me to clearly communicate to constituents on passport regulations, citizenship, and national laws. An overseas TDY assignment will give me a chance to showcase my diversity in addition to being a voice of America.

One of the more significant roles the Passport Agency holds pertains to national security. The agency operates an anti-fraud program and maintains liaison with security, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies. This is crucial in order to obtain and exchange information related to the detection of fraudulent documents and false identities, and to preclude issuance of passports to aliens or impersonators. While this function maintains internal security, I believe the efficient exchange of information with United States agencies overseas is key in the well being of all United States nationals, wherever they may be. An overseas TDY assignment will allow me to have an opportunity to serve in a front-line diplomatic position representing our nation.

As a Passport Specialist, my job often requires a fair amount of personal service to special interest groups and individuals whose cases are extraordinarily complex or urgent. These challenging cases require dedication, creative thinking and fresh perspectives. As a result, the learnings of consular officers who work on various unique cases like child abduction, adoptions, disasters, emergency evacuations, citizenship, border security, visa, anti-fraud, and biometric issues are therefore invaluable both to the individual specialist and the local agency.

In closing, I believe that an opportunity to volunteer for an overseas TDY assignment not only benefits the individual, but the individual's agency as well because the core objective is to maintain United States interest. Read More
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