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The paper "College Application Personal Statement" highlights that the author will seize opportunities presented by the various student programs at the institution to really interact and grow as many skills as he can in order to come out well prepared to tackle the obstacles faced by the society…
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College Application Personal Statement
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I believe in academic excellence for the complete transformation of humanity. Education is very fundamental in the development of any person, community and even nations through education we get the knowledge that is necessary for solving our problems. I believe it is only education that will transform my knowledge and perspective on humanity enable me to contribute positively to my community and nation. It is for this reason that I have a natural desire to study, attain the high level of knowledge and excel not only in my personal life but give back to my society through assisting people to understand the benefits and power of education.
Throughout my life, I take a look at my life experiences and the society we live in and convince myself that a lot of effort is required to transform our lives. This transformation can only come through a holistic education that gives knowledge, allows us to perceive life in a different perspective and defines our role in life as bettering not ourselves but also the communities and society we live in. I want to be that transformed person with knowledge that contributes positively to humanity, touches & changes lives of those people I come in contact with and provides solutions to the problems that face humans in life rather than grow individual status in the society. I have learned from my parents and teachers that this can only be achieved through an education that addresses the academic, spiritual, physical and mental needs of the learner. All these I hope to get during the study at this college and believe I will come out a totally competent ready to solve global problems and impact positively on the society.
Apart from pursuing my academic program, I hope to take advantage of the opportunities I have during study time to travel around and visit scenery sites and places.  Read More
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