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To Savannah College of Art and Design - Personal Statement Example

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As an undergraduate I focused on getting a firm background on marketing sciences which I obtained from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. After graduation, I took a job that exposed me to various work…
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Personal Statement to Savannah College of Art and Design
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Extract of sample "To Savannah College of Art and Design"

Personal ment of Abdurahman Alghreimil Application for Enrollment at Savannah College of Art and Design I have been planning a career on media design for several years now. As an undergraduate I focused on getting a firm background on marketing sciences which I obtained from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. After graduation, I took a job that exposed me to various work situations in the field of marketing for six years. This strategy helped me in making a career plan for myself.
For one year and a half, I held an upper management position in Saudi. This experience introduced me to the idea of entrepreneurship and operating my own business.
I am a franchise owner of a food chain which is still in operation up to now. I have successfully managed the company while I was in US for a study course in language. The management exposure I gained from my previous work, knowledge on internet, and communication technology helped me to pull through. I extended this knowledge freely to my colleagues and helped them set up their own franchise business too. Being their business consultant and a marketing planner gave me a sense of fulfillment as I saw their businesses doing well also.
Knowing that diversity in languages is a barrier in communication, I took up a Spring International Language Program in Denver, Colorado. This helped me communicate more efficiently to prospective clients of my Event Management Company particularly to foreign clients. This language knowledge would help me understand school assignments and communicate with professors and co-students more clearly and will not be a bother in my study. I do not consider this as a limitation of my ability, but rather a motivating factor to reach out and be able to adopt the campus culture.
My hands-on experience of my own Event Management Company in Saudi stimulated me to think of innovative ways to work to present events in a more swaying and persuasive manner. This motivation led me to pursue a career in motion design. The area that fascinates me most is how ideas are transformed into promotion, advertising and art with the use of principles and tools of motion media. The use of technology in transforming the works in animation, and on line promotion is an area where I would like to focus on.
As I thread along the campus life once again, I am sure the wealth of my experiences in the marketing field will be a dynamic factor of guidance in my chosen profession. My ultimate goal is to finish higher studies that will help me explore more ideas and opportunities that will ultimately benefit my business and help me attain the next stages of my career and personal ambition. I hope to settle my passion for arts in your school as I believe you prescribe the same vision for the learners. As a long term plan, I could take academic positions or pursue work as a commercial director or editor, which is also along the line of media marketing. Read More
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Personal Statement to Savannah College of Art and Design.
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