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In doing this, the researchers compare nursing experience to nursing education in order to determine which improves the quality of the practice thus the safety of patients…
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Continued Professional Development
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Continued professional development Introduction The research investigates the importance of nursing education in enhancing the quality of the practice. In doing this, the researchers compare nursing experience to nursing education in order to determine which improves the quality of the practice thus the safety of patients. The researchers argue that while the prevalent belief is that experienced nurses provide the best quality and safe service to nurses, the current demand for nurses with baccalaureate degrees shows otherwise. Education influences the professionalism of the nurses. This implies that nurses with either associate degree in nursing or bachelor degree in nursing are professional individuals who understand the practice. They easily conform to the changes in the practice and uphold the ethical standards all of which enhance both the safety of the clients thereby improving the quality of the practice (Blegen, Vaughn & Goode, 2011).
I do agree with the research findings. Education is vital in nursing which is a holistic yet dynamic practice. Nurses have to conform to various changes in the practice owing to the change in the prevalence of diseases and the technological development in the practice. Nurses without adequate education are always more likely to resist change a feature that would slow down the quality of service delivery. Nurses with baccalaureate degrees are professionals just like the doctors. As such, they may always demand better pay and friendly working environment. The management of the health facilities must acknowledge such and therefore motivate the nurses appropriately. This way, the nurses will provide the best service by conforming to the new technologies. Additionally, such nurses would readily advance their education thereby bettering their service, which in turn resonates in enhanced safety of the patients thus an improved quality of the care.
Blegen, M., Vaughn, T.E., & Goode, C.J. (2011). Nurse Experience and Education: Effect on Quality of Care. Journal of Nursing administration Vol 31, Issue 1, Pgs 33-9. Read More
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Continued Professional Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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