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Telecommunications - Term Paper Example

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I assess situations, solve issues, and provide solutions using my technical knowledge that includes such areas of expertise as ISDN, ATM,…
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Extract of sample "Telecommunications"

Telecommunications Engineer Responsibilities My prime responsibilities as the Telecommunication Engineer are to work with the hardware, services, and all telecommunications equipment. I assess situations, solve issues, and provide solutions using my technical knowledge that includes such areas of expertise as ISDN, ATM, SONET, and analog. I understand the way all services and the telecommunications equipment works. It is my responsibility to handle any kind of disruption in the telecommunication service. Any problem of telecommunication is referred to me and I have to solve it within the shortest time possible.
Strengths and Weaknesses
One strength of working in this company for me is that I can take my career to the next level by continuing my studies as the company provides me with the opportunity of continued professional development. The company takes very good care of its workforce and their needs. The company invests in the training and development of the existing workforce to inculcate the technical skills in them required to take the company further. Next year, my Master program in the telecommunication engineering would be sponsored by my company. Another strength of working in this company for me is that I am the only telecommunication engineer in the company handling all the technical work related to telecommunication engineering. Therefore, the room for me to handle all kinds of different operations of telecommunication engineering in the company and enhance my skills as well as to excel in the company is a lot.
One weakness of working in this company for me is that since I am the only telecommunication engineer, I have to handle everything. This increases the load for me and sometimes, the work is too much to do singlehandedly. Although I usually get to manage the work within the time, but some times I have to overstay in order to do my work. Another weakness of this company originates basically in the nature of my job. My job is of such nature that problem can arise any time 24/7 and I have to address that wherever I am. So many times, I am called from home after the break off time to fix a certain error in the telecommunication network because of the importance of telecommunication in the routinely work.
Opportunities and Threats
The opportunities for my job in this company are that this company is growing. It is an athletic footwear company. The company has redesigned its footwear and the new design is much more durable and long-lasting than the old design. The company is investing a lot in marketing its new product, and the response to it so far is overwhelming. Considering this and the quality of research and development in the company, I foresee a long future with this company. The threats for my job in this company are that telecommunication technology keeps advancing at a very fast pace. Every few months, a new technology is introduced into the market and I assume the main responsibility to integrate that into the workplace. Although the company helps me with the process of integration, yet it still remains tough when I have to do things singlehandedly.
Concerns for Planning
A very important issue and concern that I would bring to this year’s planning of the company is the development of the telecommunication department. I feel that I am overburdened which affects the quality of my work. If I am granted just one assistant, the productivity of the telecommunication department would be enhanced manifolds. Read More
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Telecommunications Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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