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Essentials of Telecommunications Management - Assignment Example

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The present assignment "Essentials of Telecommunications Management" dwells on the business-level and corporate-level strategies of telecommunications companies. As the author puts it, there are more than 243 million subscribers of AT&T in the US. It represents the market penetration of 81%…
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Essentials of Telecommunications Management
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Extract of sample "Essentials of Telecommunications Management"

Download file to see previous pages AT&T has started to sell its wireless and GSM services in iPhone, collaborating with Apple Corporation (Grant and Meadows, 2012). Its exclusive accord to the competitive market place has differentiated AT&T from its potential competitors. Vast spectrum utilization of AT&T offers its subscribers the video conferencing service.
AT&T wireless is the only telecom company in the US market that promises; people can get connected with each other anywhere and anyway by its efficient telecom service. AT&T has successfully diversified its business in several international markets. It is the leading wireless service provider in the global market that provides Voice-IP, Voice-PTT, HSPDA, and video sharing. Moreover, efficient channel exposure has increased the competitive advantage of AT&T.
The story of AT&T depicts the 130 years old history. The old giant company has efficiently served the customers in the telecommunication sector. From the foundation in 1875 by Graham Bell to this present era, the global telecommunication industry has evidenced several key events of AT&T. The study focuses on the corporate-level strategies of AT&T.
After the successful invention of the telephone in the year 1875 by Graham Bell, the company has diversified its business. The vertical integration of the company created the opportunity of transferring the corporate skills of the company. In addition, BTC also did acquisitions of many licenses. It actually increases the market power of BTC. Years after years both vertical and horizontal integration helped BTC to create the economies of scope. Moreover, they have continuously generated know-how technology.
The monopolistic status of the company resulted in many filed regulation suits. At one point of time, AT&T lost the brand image and huge market share due to the huge competition in the existing market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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