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The Importance of Telecommunication in Today's Business Environment - Research Paper Example

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In the contemporary business scenario, telecommunication infrastructure and integral information technology play an imperative role towards the development of different spheres of an economy that include banking, manufacturing, government, education and agriculture. Information…
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The Importance of Telecommunication in Todays Business Environment
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Telecommunication in Today's Business Environment"

Download file to see previous pages In this context, the advancement of different communication tools and internet has facilitated businesses in performing their business activities succinctly in the worldwide markets segments (Ndukwe, 2003). In this respect, the research paper is based on the study of the importance of telecommunication in the present business environment.
The proposed research study is conducted with the aim of determining the importance of telecommunication for the development of business sector. Currently, the development of ICT infrastructure on a global context has been witnessed to expand at a breakneck pace. In this context, the rapid progress in the field of ICT has increased the implication of ICT for both business and people to a large extent. The expansion of ICT has also diversified the variety of applications as well as services in the area of communication, entertainment and information. Subsequently, the development of the aforementioned aspects of ICT has motivated in conducting the proposed research with the intention of ascertaining the implications of ICT for the present business environment (ITU, 2013).
The contemporary business environment has intensified with competition owing to different factors that include globalization and advancement in technology. In this regard, businesses are required to conduct their operation with better competitiveness in the segments of products and services for better sustainable business performances. The rapid changes in the field of technology have been accountable for the development of telecommunication services to produces contemporary products and services at a reasonable price in accordance with the preferences of global customers. Contextually, the development of the telecommunication industry is important for the enhanced economic performance of an economy and development of business sector in worldwide market segments ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Importance of Telecommunication in Today'S Business Environment Research Paper.
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