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Marketing Issues Affecting Telecommunications Services - Assignment Example

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The author concludes that telecommunication companies are particularly concerned with eliminating barriers that give an unfair advantage to telecom services competitors. Another concern pertains to technology: keeping non-telecommunication competitors out of the system.  …
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Marketing Issues Affecting Telecommunications Services
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Extract of sample "Marketing Issues Affecting Telecommunications Services"

Download file to see previous pages Secondly, the traditional specialist basis of the British telecommunication system has given way to a more conglomerate structure which has eroded the traditional distinctions between the major areas of telecom.
The UK telecommunication system is in midst of a period of major structural changes as all types of telecom institutions are diversifying their range of business under the impact of greatly intensified competitive pressures, international pressures, major changes in the structure and style of regulation, technology and changes in the market environment.
The major factor creating structural change in the telecoms institutions is competition: the competitive environment has intensified considerably. The UK represents a case study of the power of competitive pressures to induce a structural change in a telecommunication system. The globalization of telecommunication markets and the increasing integration of markets both domestically and internationally create pressures on regulation when it is not competitively neutral as between institutions within a national system and between countries (Palmer, 2008).
Telecommunication institutions such as Nokia need to identify major areas in the sector that will lead to financial success at times of stiff competition. Nokia needs to diversify its services to the international market. This is referred to as internationalization of services and it goes beyond the basic nations of trade and exporting to encompass all aspects of the business activity that go beyond national borders. Most telecommunication institutions tend to focus on marketing in a domestic context.
For the next five years, the Nokia needs to have a thorough understanding of their target market including its size and the share they hope they can realistically achieve.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing Issues Affecting Telecommunications Services Assignment.
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