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Research project part 4 - Essay Example

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Patient falls are among the adverse events undermining the effective delivery of care at acute care centers among other healthcare institutions (Tucker et al. 19). The studies exploring the impact of structured hourly rounding show that it is a promising prevention practice…
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Research project part 4
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Download file to see previous pages However, the challenges facing the implementation of the program included that nurses saw the program as an imposed program and the documentation required as a burden. Due to the difficulties facing the implementation of hourly rounding programs, this paper will explore the different variables that need to be checked, towards ensuring that hourly rounding offers solutions to the problem of patient falls.
The processes and the structures used during the implementation of hourly rounding affect the success of the program. Unlike the traditional approach used, when implementing an hourly rounding program, the current one will engage and consult medical staffs and patients, who will offer their feedback regarding the impact of the program and the areas to be reviewed, so as to maximize the benefits of the program (Rondinelli et al. 326). The major indicators to be reviewed, in determining the effectiveness of the program, include increasing patient satisfaction, where patients feel that they are well cared for and the second major indicator will be the reduction in patient falls. More importantly, the feedback collected from patients and medical staffs will be used for the review and the repositioning of the structure, processes and the administration of the program, towards realizing the desired outcomes (Rondinelli et al. 326). The main difference of this hourly rounding program from others will be that the routinized approach will be abandoned, and flexibility will be maintained at all stages of program implementation.
The implementation of the program will employ a person-centered approach to realize the anticipated changes; the person-centered approach will be instrumental in changing the cultural values of the care facility, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the program. The hourly rounding program will involve the medical personnel and also the leaders of the facility, where the cooperative effort of the two groups will be instrumental in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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