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Software Project Scope Alignment: An Outcome- Based Approach - Research Paper Example

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The author of the paper "Software Project Scope Alignment: An Outcome-Based Approach" will make an earnest attempt to evaluate and present the best method which could be used by the project management team for developing Software Project Scope…
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Software Project Scope Alignment: An Outcome- Based Approach
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Extract of sample "Software Project Scope Alignment: An Outcome- Based Approach"

Download file to see previous pages The author of the paper tells that Richard W. Woolridge, David P. Hale, Joanne E. Hale, and R. Shane Sharpe in their article ‘Software Project Scope Alignment: An Outcome-Based Approach’ effectively address this issue of project failure and offer a unique approach to solving this problem, this solution has never been proposed in its entire form prior to this research article, and therefore the solution presented is one of a kind. It focuses on solving the problem through categorizing the problem domain needs into essential branches and demarcating the scope of these branches singularly and eventually culminating the entire process into one outcome. Throughout history many ways have been proposed to overcome this dilemma and extend the success rate of projects to such an extent that it becomes the norm of today, but the efforts have failed to execute into reality, and hence all endeavors are responsible for a minute amount of progress towards the goal but still there remains a long way to go to achieve the ultimate aim. Effective scope definition is crucial to accurately approximate resource requirement, Outcome Based Scoping (OBS) approach aids in reducing project failure, despite the massive challenges proposed by the uncertainty and invariability in the identification of major areas of project scope which might render the scope definition inconsistent as the project escalates from concept to construction. History is a witness to the massive amount of software project failures; this article proposes that OBS would effectively reduce the rate of failure, which stood at 18% in 2004, with 53% challenged projects, the reduction in this rate would be the result of the capability of the OBS approach to substantially recognize the conflicting objectives of the parties attached to the project, and this contradiction which can render a project as a failure remains hidden under the traditional method of project scoping, which focuses specifically on the objectives of the sponsoring department and ignores the cross-functional aims, objectives, threats, and opportunities which would inevitably affect, and mostly hamper the progress of the project, as according to Damian and Chisan, the most significant component contributing to the progress if requirement engineering in project management was a result of a shift from ‘silo or single culture’ to ‘cross-functional department culture’, thus justifying the claim that the involvement of other departments in the project scoping immensely enhances the chances of progress; cross-functionality is the major underlying feature of the OBS approach. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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