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The analysis will focus on five key areas: Business Overview, Administration Overview, Technology and Governance Overview, IT support and…
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Strategic Alignment Model Written Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages a result of an investigation process consisting of research and validation of information gathered from various sources, including interviewing with key stakeholders, reviews of Ellucian’s web site, and subsequent analysis utilizing all appropriate Ellucian personnel.
The overall outcome of this report is to identify gaps in the five key areas with respect to the strategic alignment model of Ellucian, identify areas for improving Information Technology value, aligning with business drivers, objectives and the Ellucian vision. Lastly, provide recommendations to close the gaps and improve the value of Information Technology resources.
Ellucian is a product of combination between Hellen & Freidman and SunGard Higher Education (SGHE). This happened in the year 2012. Formerly, the two were existing as distinct entities: Datatel and SunGard Higher Education. Success of Ellucian is traced back when it was started in 1968. Since then Ellucian has developed to be a global leader when it comes to servicing the education sector (Bentley, 2003).
The Ellucian provides service in the education sector. These services are provision of expertise in the education sector; developing technologies to serve the education sector and providing other services that are related to education. The company develops software that helps in the integration of computing system (academic) in the administrative level. This software serves approximately two thousand four hundred high education institutions. Ellucian has over thirty one distinct products. The role of these products in general is to manage information in relation to students, grades, financial aid, overall finance and advancement. These products help in the streamlining of processes such as enterprise resource planning, electronic recruitment, information technology and communication among the alumni. From this one can tell that Ellucian has a strong and broad product line that is getting stronger. Services offered by Ellucian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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