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Buyer beware: Language in Advertising - Research Paper Example

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The selection of this research topic that is “ Buyer Beware: Language in Advertising” basically chosen after a long depth analysis of the advertisements that are on air these days on media. Its roots have shot up from everyday disclosure of the contemporary community to add…
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Buyer beware: Language in Advertising
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Download file to see previous pages This would keep on greatly helping them out in understanding the actual worth and qualities of the product to a certain extent apart from believing the advertisements blindly (ORTIZ-SOTOMAYOR, 2007).
Advertisements in today’s world have become the furthermost source of influence and power for the buyers. A number of companies used this tool to a great extent in order to attract a large number of buyers and boost up their sales. Most of the times, these advertising agencies use false and vague means and sometimes even portray a very idealistic and imaginary picture in front of the buyers that forcefully and compellingly encourage them to buy the respective product no matter if they are actually in need of that or not (Mazzarella, 2003).
That is why this research is being conducted to find out the answers of different questions that would ultimately explain the reasons for all such false creations of pictures and use of language. Some important related research questions comprise of:
This research is designed specially in a way so that it can successfully provide all the required and information about the research topic and its related elements. This report will include an introduction of the topic, different chapters, results, conclusions and literature review. It would all be done very systematically with one chapter discussing the basic idea behind advertising, details about advertising disclosure and the contraction of the overall text. This would further be followed by the second chapter which would consist of critical analysis of linguistic devices and their application to the overall advertising language.
Advertising has now become the major marketing tool which most of the companies often use for promoting their brand in the market (Doyle, 2000). That is the reason why almost each individual in recent time has been found exposed to an advertisement. The major art in advertisement is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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