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There are various professional organizations in all fields and it is a challenge for a professional to participate in all these bodies. As a nurse who…
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Professional organization
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Professional Organization: American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Any professional should find a professional organization that aligns with their individual and professional objectives. There are various professional organizations in all fields and it is a challenge for a professional to participate in all these bodies. As a nurse who recognizes the role played by personal and professional development through nursing education, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is the most appropriate professional organization that will help me achieve my professional and personal development goals. In this case, AACN will be in equipping me with the necessary information that will enhance my capacity to advance my nursing education, research, and eventually my career. Importantly, participating in AACN’s activities will be essential in developing my capacity in providing quality care to my patients in an effective and efficient manner that promoted safety.
AACN invites new members to participate in its program that matches new deans with mentors who have expertise in the field. Through participating in this program, my experienced mentor will help me achieve the objectives of learning the approaches to become conversant with my roles as a nurse leader and build my leadership skills in the nursing field. Besides, participating in these programs will be instrumental in capacity building of my leadership skills in finance.
The Doctor of Nursing Program (DNP) is the future in nursing education and research. In this case, this program will move the advanced nursing practice from its current master’s level to the doctorate level. In line with this, I want to expand my practice in nursing and enroll in this program. In effect, AACN has been on the forefront in building capacity and developing this program in nursing. Hence, my membership with this organization will be of the essence since it has already established the necessary framework to guide its members to join DNP programs while its database will provide literature for nursing practice. Read More
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